Hiking And Camping In Developing Nations

There are some things to consider before you start backpacking for the first time. Beginners need to know about backpacking equipment, gear, supplies and essentials.Backpacking can turn into a horrifying experience if you’re not prepared with the basics. Backpacking can be done in either urban areas or in the wilderness or a mixture of both […]

What Would be Your Backpacking Tips?

One of the rights of passage for many young people is to save some money and go traveling. It is easy to pack up some belongings into a backpack and go traveling with friends. Whether it’s touring around the world or focusing on a country or a continent, it’s easy to have fun.There is a […]

Solo Backpacking – Four Reasons, Eight Tips

Why solo backpacking? To be honest, one of the reasons I sometimes go alone is simply that it’s tough to find people to go with, especially on short-notice. So reason number one is just the sheer necessity. But that is not the only reason to enter the wilderness by yourself.Another reason to backpack alone is […]

Backpacking Tips, Choosing an Internal or External Framed Backpack

Every backpacker needs a good backpack. They need a sturdy and durable backpack to carry their gear. In addition, the choice of a backpack is essential to a good backpacking experience because differences in design can affect the weight and ease of carrying a backpack. The backpack you choose should be comfortable and able to […]