Socotra Island – Isolated Natural Treasure

In the Indian Ocean off the Horn of Africa lies a small archipelago of four islands and islets. Although closer to Africa, the islands are part of the Republic of Yemen. The archipelago consists of the main island of Socotra and three smaller islands known collectively as The Brothers Abd al Kuri, Samhah and Darsa.

Surfing: The Essence Of Exploration

My typical destination to go surfing is Mermaid Beach. Regardless of whether or not the waves are the best the Gold Coast has to offer (which they’re not close to being), I frequent the area to be able to surf with a bit of elbow-room instead of jammed into a pack. It’s funny, the relationship between surfing as a sport and crowds as a social phenomenon: no surfer out there will confess to loving surfing in a crowd, though all the same surfers in general tend to behave like sheep when hitting the beach (the “follow the leader” syndrome).

Luxury Travel In Australia

If you are planning a special holiday and fancy a bit of pampering and luxury then you can find some fantastic places here in Australia.

Things To Do On The Gold Coast

I had to get up early this morning and get down to Coolangatta Beach. One of my surfboard hire clients was checking out early and needed 1 minimal and 1 short board picked up before they left. So up I got, arriving in Cooly before 7am.

The Most Dangerous Animals In Australia

If you’ve decided to visit Australia, I’m sure there is a slight amount of nervousness setting in about some of its creatures. No doubt someone has told you a little horror story that has set your mind racing. This article will tell you more about some of these nasty creatures. It also aims to reassure you that there is a VERY low chance that you will encounter one of these dangerous Australian animals.