Why Travel Insurance is a Must

Travel insurance is necessary for your vacation packages and without it all your travel dreams cannot come true. Travel insurance is essential for a traveler as it covers your medical and financial expenses and losses incurred on your domestic or international travel. It’s usually arranged at the time of booking the trip and covers the […]

Annual Travel Insurance: Do You Need It?

Travel insurance is a necessity if you plan to travel away from home. This is especially true if you plan to travel abroad. But not all travel insurance plans are created equally. There are different types of travel insurance and you need to be sure that you are making the purchase that best meets your […]

Benefits of Multi-trip Travel Insurance for the Frequent Traveller

Multi-trip travel insurance is also known as annual travel insurance.  This type of policy is fairly self-explanatory.  It can provide insurance coverage for you for a whole year from the moment you apply for the policy.  This plan is ideal if you are planning to take several holiday trips and participate in multiple annual sporting […]

The Advantages To The Regular Traveller Of An Annual Travel Insurance Policy

Just as we need to insure life, home and possessions, we need travel insurance against travel risks. Insurance companies have custom made plans for every type of travel so that you do not end up paying more if you are a frequent traveler. Standard plans offer risk cover for at the maximum for 90 days […]

Have Insurance No Matter Your Destinations

Many times when people go on vacation, it is their way to get rid of the stress from their responsibilities as well as their jobs and have an excellent, stress-free time! However, in order to put your mind at ease, it is best to have travel insurance. In fact, it is much easier to have fun knowing that you will be covered if anything happened. This can be something as simple as losing your luggage (not actually so small) or you becoming sick while on vacation.