Nordic Skiing in Whistler

Whistler, officially known as the Resort Municipality of Whistler, is an exhilarating year-round tourist destination, located about two hours drive from Vancouver. Situated in the coastal mountain ranges of British Columbia, Whistler boasts of more than 8000 acres of skiable terrains and over 200 trails.No matter you want to enjoy downhill skiing, Nordic or cross […]

Some Ideas on How to Do Telemark Skiing

Skiing is one of the most interesting and exciting sport which provides the skiers constant exhilaration and memorable moments. Skiing involves the use of skis which are attached to the boots of the skier. The skier slides on the snow with the help of these skis. He does this by balancing himself or herself skilfully.Skiing […]

The 5 Best Places to Ski in Colorado

You can travel the world over, but it is hard to find a better ski vacation destination than the state of Colorado. The ski resorts in the Rocky Mountain state are among the best in the world, offering that perfect combination of challenge, fun and lush scenery. But what are the best places to ski […]

City of Sails in the Middle Earth

New Zealand or Aotearoa (what means “Long White Cloud”) is mostly known for its beautiful and diverse nature geysers, mountains, lakes, beaches and glaciers. Nowadays the rapt attention New Zealand pays to the ecology allows to keep all its natural magnificencealmost untouched even in the big cities. One of the most isolated corners of our […]

Why French Alps Skiing is Unsurpassed in Its Offer of Ski Resorts

Some the best skiing facilities are available in France. Hence it has the of the most popular skiing holiday destinations. The Alpine regions of France are famed for its skiing and it in addition offers breathtaking scenery and unbeatable après-ski. French Alps skiing is unsurpassed in its offer of ski resorts and skiing facilities. The […]