Cape Town South Africa

Most people think the best way to experience Africa is through a Safari! So many would be surprised to hear, ?You’ve not experienced Africa until you have visited South Africa!?

A Quick Guide To Travel In South Africa

A vibrant and diverse land, South Africa is home to dreamy beaches, exciting wild grasslands, awe-inspiring deserts, and even some rather impressive vineyards. The tragedy of Europe’s invasion and exploitation of the land has evolved since the fall of apartheid into a rich melting pot of both European and African culture. On a simple drive you may find yourself torn between the contrasting sights of white and black architecture and culture, from Paris to Delhi and back again. For those who are unaware, Indians are a significant portion of the communities of South Africa that have a great impact.

Zanzibar Island : Beach Luxury Travel and African Cultural Tours

Although Zanzibar is recognized internationally as a land of romance, the archipelago is also a premier cultural safari destination in East Africa. Cultural safaris to Zanzibar cover important areas around this island including the streets of the old stone town, the house of wonders, peoples palace, Dr Livingstones house and the Arab fort among others.

Tanzania Hidden Treasures- Its Seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A simple overview of this grand and interesting list of the world heritage sites will start with Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. It is found to the North of Tanzania close to Moshi, 128 km (80 miles) away from Arusha which actually translates to an one hour’s drive from the Kilimanjaro airport. It should be well noted that Mount Kilimanjaro has the highest peak in the the whole of the contient of Africa making it a favourite tourist site since1977 when it was opened to public. Kilimanjaro is a result of volcanic movement along the Rift Valley that occurred over a million years ago. Three points – Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi were formed a little bit after Mt. Kilimanjaro, 750,000 years ago. Uhuru Peak earns the title of being the highest point on Kibo, which is among the Seven Summits of the world. The Seven Summits basically a comprehensive list of highest mountains on each continent in the world.

Making Plans For A Great Luxury Family Vacation

Luxury family travel is getting increasingly popular. Despite the current adverse economic conditions, luxury family travel expenditure is on the rise. A nice, luxurious vacation can be great fun for big and small families alike. It gives people the possibility to relax and enjoy a little piece of paradise.