Sydney Attractions – The Harbour Bridge Climb

by Jennifer Schellington

If you are planning a trip to Sydney Australia then you really should consider doing the Harbour bridgeclimb.

Sydney’s harbour is well known across the world for its beauty. But nothing quite beats seeing it from up high from the summit of the Harbour Bridge. The views really are amazing.

It’s not just about the harbour though, you get to see all of Sydney – its suburbs, waters and on a clear day, you can even see the Blue Mountains.

A symbol of Sydney and even Australia, the Harbour bridge is an institution. In my opinion, it’s a masterpiece. You only have to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the bridge to know why.

Believe it or not, the bridge is the world’s largest steel-arch bridge. It was opened in 1932 to link the northern Sydney suburbs with the CBD (Central Business District)

The climb itself is no longer than 2km and takes 3.5 hours in total (that includes the safety briefing.) I wouldn’t advise doing the climb if you are afraid of heights or if you struggle to walk unaided (e.g. you need a stick) or if you are pregnant. Kids from 10 years up are able to join the walk so that should give you an idea of how difficult it is – not that difficult!

The tricky bit is the first bit where you have to climb up ladders before you reach the fairly wide walkways. There are now two climbs that you can do. The original (and still the best) is the Bridge Climb. This takes you to the summit and then back down again and you get to see the lovely views.

If you are into your bridges then go for the newer climb. This climb takes you for a behind the scenes look at the workings of the bridge. You still get to see those wonderful views too.

As you can imagine, those in charge of the climb take safety very seriously. Firstly, you are all linked together with a harness so there is no chance you could fall off! Secondly, you have to wear an ear piece so that you can hear the commentary and any instructions from your guide. Thirdly, there’s a no alcohol policy with everyone having a breath test before taking part. Other things you should know is that you can’t take anything up with you on the climb including your camera. Dropping something from that height could do someone some serious damage. It is a shame though given the views are so good from up there.

The official website is and it is easy to book your climb. First thing you need to decide is what time to do the climb? Dawn and Twilight are the most popular. Dawn is only run on the first Saturday of the month so you can imagine how quickly those slots go – book well in advance for this one. Twilight is good because you get to see the city in the day and evening. Book a month or so in advance to get this time slot. You should also expect these options to cost a little more.

The other two times are during the day and then at night. The day time slot can be very hot if you intend to be here in the peak of summer ” this is the one that is usually left. The night one is good too as you get to see the city lights but its perhaps not quite as impressive as the other times.

If you aren’t sure about what time you want to go for and aren’t that bothered, then book a week in advance when you are here. That way, you can have a good look at the weather forecast and choose a day when there won’t be a cloud in the sky – prefect conditions for the bridge climb.

So, it’s not the cheapest thing to do in Sydney but it is one of the best. The climb will set you back about $250. They will even throw in a group photo taken at the summit.