Spain Travel Guide – Get the Most Out of Your Trip To Spain

by Adrian Fletcher

Spain remains as popular as ever to visit. Many people are fascinated by it diverse cultural heritage and many places to see. If you are planning on visiting the real Spain then listen to a few of these tips first.

I guess it’s an obvious first tip, but if you plan to get off the tourist beat then you should learn Spanish. Indeed, even if you want to spend most of your time in the big cities, speaking Spanish will improve your stay.

Plenty of people in the cities and on the Costas will speak English but you shouldn’t rely on this fact. If you want to see interesting parts of Spain that not many people visit then you need to get some basic Spanish phrases under your belt. Even simple phrases will help you get by on a day to day basis. You will relate to people if you have a conversational level of Spanish too and this will make your time more enjoyable because you will be able to interactive with people.

Next, try to get a plan of your travels together. Whilst it is more romantic to be spontaneous and travel here and there on a whim, it will also be more expensive. If you are back packing, your money may be tight so you want to limit the expensive. If you have a plan of where you will be on such a date you can pre-book trains, planes and buses. You can save upwards of 50% on advance bookings if you do this. Saving money means more time can be spent in Spain which is even better.

Don’t let the weather ruin your stay in Spain. Spain is one of the better parts of Europe for weather. Indeed, parts of southern Spain get more days of sunshine per year than most parts of the world. Try to begin your travels in the spring or early summer. The north is more likely to be cooler and have inclement weather so try starting in the north and work your way down to the south. This should limit the extent that the weather plays in your travels. Although a bit of rain never harmed anyone anyhow.

Madrid and Barcelona are the two major cities that you want to spend some time in. There is plenty to see and do in these two cities. You can spend weeks in each but if you are on a time line a few days may suffice. If you only have a few days get organized and see the things you really want to do.

But Spain has much more to offer than Madrid and Barcelona. From North to South and East to West you can get all over Spain on the fast train. This can get you from Madrid to Gibraltar in a few hours. It might not have the time on a plane but you get to see the country as you travel and it is much more relaxing than a plane.

Spain is a wonderful place to visit and you will have the time of your life if you just plan for your trip properly.