Snowmobile Hotspots in the United States

While there are many places in the world that are blanketed in snow and ice, only a few are considered great trails for snowmobile events. For die-hard snowmobilers, conquering these trails will certainly give them a different kind of high. For others, these terrains are real tests of their snowmobiling skills. And for those who live near these places, lucky them.

For other snowmobile enthusiasts who are based far off, they may end spending more than a dime to get a dose of snowmobiling high in these locations. However, at the end of the day, it is all worth the trip and the money, especially, if these snowmobile hotspots live up to their reputation. And the places listed here give snowmobilers more than they expect.

The Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan is one of the world’s best snowmobile trails. Though the state alone has a number of excellent snowmobiling locations, the Keweenaw Peninsula offers a lot more. The prospect of riding in fine snow is just one of them.

If you want to go to the “Snowmobiling Capital of the World”, then head to West Yellowstone in Montana. The location treats snowmobilers to powder quality snow that compounds up to 150 inches a year. Known as the mecca of snowmobiling, you can be sure that snowmobilers all over the world have West Yellowstone as one of their favorite destinations.

In Idaho, you cant go wrong with the Stanley Basin. Apart from the good snow that falls on that part of the earth, you also get a scenic view of three beautiful mountains in the area; the White Clouds on the East, the Salmon River Range on the North and the uneven Sawtooths (Northern Rockies) on the West and South. The snaking trails stretches up to 185 miles. For every snowmobiler, that is certainly good news.

If you really want to enjoy the real snowmobiling experience, then Petersville, Alaska is your best bet. More than just a snow trail, Petersville treats you to great views of snowfields, frozen rivers, and glaciers, including sights of Mount McKinley/Denali, Mount Foraker, and Mount Hunter. Heck, you can even spend the night at a snow camp

There are various places where you can have a great time on fabulous snowmobile trails. Others, worthy of mention are the Grand Lake in Colorado and Mammoth Lakes in California. That said, it is quite likely you will have to spend loads of cash in trips like these. But even if you spend the money, you will find that these moments are so great they are priceless from beginning to last.