Ski Boats for Sale in Australia

Nothing beats enjoying a hot summers day ski boating with the family or friends. A popular outing and sport, water sking has been around for a number of generations.

It does make a big difference when water skiing to have the right ski boat. For a better ski boat they should have small wake and have nippy maneuverability and turning capability, and remember bigger is not better. The best skiboats have inboard engines although it is not cast in stone, and while many people ski using general purpose deck ski boats, the best are purpose built.

To single out a popular ski boat in Australia is difecult and  since there are so many of them and most are great for Australian conditions for water sking. It would be easier to single out those slightly less fabulous than the rest than to pick the best, and you can’t go by price. Australia is a country perfectly situated for water skiing, and they know how to build the right ski boats to do the job.

If we were to name a few, then in amoungst the more favoured ski boats for sale in Australia, Lewis must be amongst the most favoured, being one of the major ski boat builders in the world.  Lewis ski boats are often found anyway popular for water sking, built by Australia’s oldest manufacturer.

A lightweight fiberglass ski boat for sale, the Lewis range have come along way from the earlier wooden hull.  Even though the internal stringer system is generally wood, Lewis boats for sale are are fast and have the maneuverability need for a great ski. The 2280 and Revolution are typical of the Lewis range with their zippy Mercruiser engines that produce a small wake at speed for a smooth slalom ride, and nice big wake for wakeboarding at lower speeds.

Their well designed Wake towers can be pimped any way you like them, with sound system speakers, . However, the trade-off in having a dual purpose ski boat or wakeboarding vessel is that you can get a bumpier ride on skis.  It isn’t always ideal to have a dual purpose boat, but if you enjoy both sports then you should get enough performance from a wakeboarding and ski boats to satisfy you.  If it’s championship performance you are looking for, then purchase a specialist boat.

A boat builder that has produced some very popular ski boats for sale, Bayliner is a brand known to most Aussies’. The Bowrider 205 is an fine example of ski boatwith a 220 hp Mercuiser engine. This ski boat for sale comes with and great sound system from its stereo controller that allows you fit a CD player, iPod or MP3 player. Building boats for over 40years Bayliner has the experience to know how to build good boats. These boats are quality, and respond to the helm perfectly.  They have great acceleration with a agility for some great water skiing.

The Crownline range generally come with more power.  These boats exude class and quality, and the Bowrider 240LS is great for good ski boat. You can choose your colour and your Mercedes engine up to a maximum 425 HP.  With many great options including an entertainment system, sink and shower it makes it a great fun throughout your ski boating day. If you prefer a deckboat to a bowrider for your skiing, then the Crownline 252 EX has very similaraccessories with similar outboard engine, and a Sony Marine sound system as normal. Crownline may be a little more expensive but you pay for quality and one of the best ski boats for sale.  Again, though, they are multi-purpose and while a common choice with the mid range ski boat skier they are not designed to be specialised ski boats.

If you want a specialist championship standard skiboat, then Skicraft must figure in there somewhere.  Based in Bayswater, Skicraft boats, have been building championship skiboats since 1969, offering very reliable turning and maneuverability, but is also very safe. From the sleek and steady 202 to the new V-Drive eXV Skicraft are true competition boats.  The ExV is an upgrade of the popular eX2, with a good weight design allowing you to switch from wakeboarding to skiing with a turn of a switch.

Skicraft normally assemble specialist boats, and the V-Drive is normally better for wakeboarding. However, wakeboarding boats for sale can be expensive because they have to be heavier to make a good wake. With there own developed wake control technology, with Skicraft you can alter the size of the wake to switch between skiing and wakeboarding, and all at a price well below that of a purpose-built wakeboarding boat.

However, the luxury cruiser that catches everyones attention is the new Mustang. Since being taken over by Standard Bank, Mustang is back, and is going from strength to strength. Their most recent cruiser, still to be unveiled, is the Mustang 2008 430 Sports Coupe.  How enjoyable this will be for ski boat we don’t know, but it is equipped with Volvo IPS 600 engines as standard, with 418 HP each so is going to be prompt enough.

These are among the more popular ski boats for sale in Australia, but there are many more and it would take several pages to do justice to even a fraction of them.