Seattle Hotels- Home Away From Home in Seattle

Seattle is a city, where one would love to spend more than just a short span of a holiday and give more time to oneself to enjoy the beauty of the city. Accommodation in a stranger city is always a concern, but thanks to Seattle hotels, the visitors to the ‘Emerald City’ need not bother much about those issues. One wouldn’t have missed the praises of Seattle hotels (along with Seattle city) from a just-returned friend or a colleague from Seattle.

The Seattle hotels are scattered in almost every corner of the city, however the preferences of individuals should decide better about the choice amongst the Seattle hotels. The downtown area of the Seattle city is where the most of the activities and nightlife is concentrated. For the ‘nighthawks’ and for the socialites, the Seattle hotels of the downtown area should be ideal to snuggle down. Hotel Monaca, the Washington hotel and the boutiques Seattle are few immediate names that pop-up on the list of the Seattle hotels in the downtown area. These can be categorized into being the luxury Seattle hotels. No worries for those on a stringent budget. Several economic Seattle hotels sprawl over downtown too. The services provided by the Seattle hotels are of fine standards and have few complimentary goodies in store for their customers too. Lodges, motels and guesthouses are supplementary to the Seattle hotels and can be considered as a second option. The Seattle hotels in the other parts of the city can be opted by the not-so-social visitors or those who worship the beauty of silence, or honeymooners craving for some cozy, all-alone time.

It would be beneficial to the readers to list some Seattle hotels and their prices.

•‘Grand Hyatt Seattle’ is a luxurious hotel, ideal for honeymooners. Rated high on the popularity charts this Seattle hotel costs $340 for a room.

•‘Hotel 1000’ is another in the list of luxury Seattle hotels that boasts of a great location along with excellent services, all for $324 of one’s budget.

•‘The Sorrento hotel’ can be a good option for the ones with a hefty budget and those who don’t mind shelling out money for high-end luxury. The room’s yours for $332 here.

•Alexis Hotel-A kimpton Hotel (a splendid boutique hotel) with an average pricing of $330 and ‘The Fairmont Olympic Seattle’ at an average price of $404 should be another entry to the list of the ultra luxury Seattle hotels.

•‘University Inn’ priced at an average of $166 is ideal for families and teen groups to hop on.

•‘Silver Cloud Hotel’ which offers rooms for $194 odd bucks, should be another economic option among the various Seattle hotels.

•‘Silver Cloud Inn-lake union’ that offers a magnificent view of the lake town is worth at $200-$205 range.

The list of the Seattle hotels given above is just few of the very famous ones in Seattle. To mention all the economic Seattle hotels, luxury Seattle hotels, cheap (only the rates) Seattle hotels and so on would be a daunting task (they number in hundreds!!). Prior reservation of the Seattle hotels is advisable to avoid last-minute hassles.