Saving With An Airline Credit Card

So, you’ve finally sat back and realized that you travel a lot via the big old blue sky. Whether you travel a lot via pleasure or strictly business or maybe even both, maybe you haven’t realized that you can truly save money by applying for an airline credit card. The benefits of an airline credit are beyond belief and you would be silly not to apply for one.

An airline credit card works like most credit cards but instead solely focuses on a particular airline or even some focus on travel itself. What you’ll find with most travel credit cards is that you won’t get as many points or benefits as compared to a credit card that focuses on an airline itself. Most major airline companies carry credit cards in their name such as Northwest airlines, Delta airlines, southwest, and the list continues to go on. If you’re loyal to a particular company, it’s almost one hundred percent positive that a credit card is in their name.

Airline credit cards are very simple to understand. Every time you spend money with it, you’ll simply get a mile. Most credit cards vary but a lot of the times, you will find that one dollar will equal one mile. As you rack up the miles, you will then be able to turn your points in for an airline ticket for a destination of your choice. It will work as if you’re buying an airline ticket. You’re able to pick the time, date, etc and where you want to go. It really works to the consumers advantages.

The nice thing about these types of credit cards is the perks that they offer in general. Most airliners will offer to give you bonuses when you buy your ticket directly from them with your credit card. This means that sometimes you’ll be able to get double, triple, and sometimes even more for your points. This means that there will be more miles in your pocket. This is why it’s important that you carry a particular airline credit card because some travel credit cards don’t allow you to get bonuses like this which can be a huge downfall.

Whenever you use your airline credit card, you may find that the more you use it, the higher up you move on the airline’s status chart. If you haven’t been to an airport at all or lately, you’ll notice that there are certain statuses like gold, platinum, silver, etc. How do they determine the status you might ask? The answer is quite simple. The more you fly the more perks you get. These perks may include complimentary plane tickets, first class upgrades, and more.

If you haven’t looked into a credit card that focuses on your airline, I would highly suggest doing it. A lot of these cards carry no annual fee and a majority of them will give you a free ticket when you sign up. It’s like getting something for nothing. It’s worth a shot and if you travel a lot and want to save money and get tons of perks, an airline credit card is for you!