Save Money On an Orlando Vacation

DRG Property Services has condo’s, townhouses and regular houses to stay at very affordable rates. There are a variety of housing options you may choose and when you go can make a big difference in what the homes rent for also. You can save a lot of money if you go on vacation in the off season.. For example, this could be after Labor Day when rates typically come down . The weather is still beautiful well into October and you miss the large crowds.

To save on food rent a place that has a kitchen and bring or buy your own food. Most of DRG’s properties have kitchens and by doing this reduces money spent in expensive restaurants. This could really add up quickly depending on the size of your family.

Renting a car on line can usually save you money than making a phone call. Rent an economy car but when you go to pick up the car always ask for an upgrade. Economy cars go fast and most car companies will offer upgrades at no additional cost. If you don’t ask, you probably wont get the upgrade.

If you are flying into Orlando, book your reservations on-line at least 2 weeks in advance. Check around and see who is offering the best rates and always check for any restrictions. Travel agents may also be a helpful resource to use at this time.

The home you rented in Orlando was beautiful the first day you walked in. On the day you leave it should look as close to that as possible. Rental companies will charge a fee if the property is left in a mess. Be sure to take out all your trash, clean the kitchen and keep the furniture where it was. General cleaning is expected but not excessive cleaning. Remember to immediately report anything you see wrong or broken in the home to the rental agent.