Sail Boating By Wind Power

Sailing boating by the power of the wind is as old as recorded history. We have the thousands of brave sailors who endured wide-open seas to thank for the discovery of new lands. Were it not for them, we might all be stuck on the same continent!

Sailing for sport goes back to 17th century Holland. The New York Yacht Club was founded in 1844 and remains the oldest sport sailing organization in the United States.

The idea of sailing is exciting and romantic. The new popularity of pirate films demonstrates our continued love affair with the idea of sailing and boating on the open water for fun and reward. No other type of classic boat conjures the same mental images as the traditional sailboat.

Is sailing right for you? Are you ready to take off on an boating adventure through the use of wind power? Should you join the ranks of famous adventurers and humble travelers who rose to meet the challenges that sailing presents?

The answers to these questions depend on a variety of factors. First, make sure that your goals are realistic. Sailing, as with many other hobbies, takes a long time to master. You can learn the basics in just a few days, but you should not plan to sail around the world at the end of a weekend’s practice.

Hard work, patience and dedication are required. You must be willing to invest both the time and money into the hobby. You must be completely comfortable with the water and with the natural elements, as you will find yourself stuck in rainstorms and other disagreeable weather conditions.

You should also be able to take direction and follow it without question. At times, your sailing instructor may need to issue an order and have it followed immediately. These situations generally involve safety concerns and time may be of the essence, so be prepared to act first and ask questions later.

If you feel that sailing is something you want to try then your next step is finding an instructor. Sailing lessons are readily available in locations with sailing communities. You may even have a friend or family member who is willing to teach you for free.

Regardless of which type of boat you are on, you need to always focus on safety. It becomes even more of an issue on sailing boating. Before you think about getting on a sailboat, look over the following tips.

Make sure that you are a strong swimmer. Many beginning sailors discount how likely they are to capsize and neglect this basic tip.

Keep yourself comfortable. Wear layers that you can easily add or remove to be ready for changing weather conditions. Tie your hair back and clip your fingernails. Wear sunblock and carry plenty of drinking water.

Practice in low winds and relatively shallow water. Learning to sail is difficult enough, so boating in ideal conditions will increase your chances of success.

Practice capsizing. It will happen sooner or later, so be prepared by learning to do so safely.

Wear a life jacket. Life jackets are a good idea any time you are on the water, but they are essential when you are in a situation in which you can expect to have trouble.