Reviews on Holiday Destinations

When deciding where to go on holiday this year, you will not be short of top destinations. There will also be a lot of travel agents advising you to book with them for the best deals. One place you should visit though is the World Tourism Organisation.

Every year The World Tourism Organisation send out facts and figures representing which countries have the most tourists. This is very helpful to travel agents when selling holidays to the public.

A favourite holiday destination in Europe is Italy, closely followed by France, Spain, UK and Germany. 18% of all holidaymakers choose Europe because of its history and culture. The weather is even good in some places!

When it comes to Africa the most popular destination for travellers from around the world is Egypt. However, now countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, Tunisia and Morocco are certainly becoming ever more popular as well. All of these countries offer a wide array of activities and wonderful places for the travellers to visit.

This year China has been attracting quite a few tourists to its shores. The main reason is because this is the year where both the Olympics and Para Olympics will be taking place. But along with China other destinations in Asia that are seeing an increase in visitors are Japan and Thailand. All of which although popular with visitors from around the world have still been able to retain much of their own identity and have not been influenced too much by our Western ways.

Along with searching the World Tourism Organisation website for what holiday destinations are the most popular, take a look at other websites such as the Independent Tour Operators. They offer a list of the top ten destinations for 2008 and their list seems to be dominated by Western European countries currently. So what are proving to the most popular ten holiday destinations in 2008 according to Independent Tour Operators?

Tresco in the Isles of Scilly has started to see a growth in visitors due to their new builds in holiday homes.

Naples in Italy has always been a firm favourite with travellers. Naples has some of the best restaurants and shops around. Other reasons it attracts visitors is due to the fact it is very close to the attractions of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

Since the start of the Eurostar many travellers have been going to France, as it only take a short time from England. When in France holidaymakers will truly experience why France is so famous.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is currently a favourite with some holiday makes, as the World Heritage site is a beautiful place to see.

Western Iceland is a great place to visit if you are interested in relaxing and taking time out, this part of Iceland is very secluded, so being bothered will not happen.

Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is popular due to the fact that its food is second to none. There are plenty of Spanish and French cuisines to choose from.

Cook Islands is a great place to go is you like the sun, it is also becoming very popular with UK citizens due to the fact that the pound is strong against the New Zealand dollar.

Monte Carlo, is known as a millionaires playground and is very popular with the rich and famous. Monte Carlo becomes very popular and expensive during the week of the Grand Prix.

Zambia Family Safaris ” The reason that Zambia is gaining in popularity even though many people still travel to Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana for safaris is the cost. Not only is Zambia less expensive than the other destinations we have mentioned but the accommodation is suitable for families being large tribe sized homes. Plus the variety of wildlife to be seen is just as wide as in the other countries where safaris are popular.

Togo and Benin is a great place to holiday is you are looking to see another view of Africa. This country does not get many visits but it is still worth visiting.