Resorts Evaluated – Soneva Fushi, Maldives and Le Touessrok, Mauritius

by Louis Jones

Soneva Fushi and Le Touessrok are two of the greatest island resorts in the globe that pledge lavishness and excellence in ultimate privacy, harmony, and tranquillity. Islands are forever the most excellent place to spend a holiday if you are looking for natural exquisiteness and a melodious atmosphere. Both of these resorts provide just that with an additional benefit of high quality magnificence accommodation.

When together they are compared, they definitely comprise some benefits over the other; though, it is not possible to say which one is better than the other because both of them are exclusive in their own way. Nonetheless, the key purpose of both the resorts is to amuse their clientele and provide a memorable experience to them.

Le Touessrok is more of a general island resort for people who would like privacy but wouldn’t mind intermingling with others as well, where as Soneva Fushi on the other hand offers totally isolated accommodations providing perfect privacy to those who are only interested in spending time with their family alone.

The mainland resort in Le Touessrok provides sumptuousness of the maximum height and accommodations are idyllic for common holidays as well as for honeymoons. The resort provides many pleasurable activities along with white sandy beaches with natural prettiness to travel around Mother Nature with your friends and family. The mainland resort also has a swimming pool and a bar which is pleasant for intermingling with others and getting to know new people.

The resort also has a golf course which has been premeditated by experts to convey a high class golf course to champions as well as leisure and informal players. The Spa located on the mainland resort is one of the most excellent in the world and is wonderful to bring out the internal splendour, where as the restaurants provide high quality food and the atmosphere is friendly and peaceful.

Soneva Fushi on the other hand is designed to provide peace and tranquillity with utmost privacy. The resort has only 65 villas available for accommodation; however, luxury is not compromised for anything. There are some villas with their own sea water swimming pools. All the villas have their own private beaches and unique bathrooms which extent into a private garden which is obviously well maintained.

Therefore, this resort is for those who want to enjoy themselves with their friends and family in their very own villa and garden without being disturbed by anyone at all. However, this cast away theme does not mean that the resort does not provide modern luxury. The resort is equipped with modern luxury services. Internet facilities are also available to allow the guests to maintain communication with the outside world at their desire.

The restaurant also provides a unique dining experience with a dreamy and romantic theme which is simply breathe taking. The wide variety of foods available makes the restaurant ideal for people from different cultures of the world. Whether it is gourmet or organic cuisines or simply delicious barbeques, the restaurant offers a huge variety to choose from.