Recreation And Milan City Breaks

Milan city breaks wreak of variety there are so many things to see. They’ve grown to be one of the most sophisticated cities that Italy can brag about. They also happen to be the commercial capital for the country of Italy. Whether it’s shopping you love, or history, or architecture or art, Milan has something for everyone. And if you like them all, then you’ll think you’re in heaven.

If history is what excites you, then you’re sure to stay excited while you’re in Milan. They have numerous churches with ancient architecture, and they can brag about having one of the largest churches in the world, known as the Gothic Duomo. They’re steeped in history and a sure fire winner for the history buff.

For you who are into fashion, then you’ll never forget Milan. Like I said, Milan city breaks wreak of variety. Four squares make up the main hub for fashion in Milan. One is the Piazza Cordusio, then there’s the Piazza San Babila, and the Piazza Carioli, and finally the Piazza Duomo. You can find great shopping around these four squares unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else.

Milan’s location is seated in what is known as the Lombardy Region, and is in the Milan province within that region. This is where the Italian stock exchange resides. Within it’s churches can be found some of the work of one of our history’s most famous artists – Leonardo da Vinci. You can find drawings in the church of Santa Maria dell Grazie. The ‘Last Supper’ is one we’re all familiar with.

Milan contains three subway lines, and rank second in size as far as railways go in Italy. Their ‘Happy Hour’ consists of a buffet along with drinks for around five Euros. The hotels are exquisite and you can find them that are cheap enough to leave you plenty of money for exploring this beautiful city and enjoying your stay.

With Milan city breaks and recreation you may want to get away from the city and feel more relaxed in a more rural setting. This is no problem. You can check out the Lombardy mountains, where there are beautiful lakes, and plentous valleys, and are all within a meazley 40 minute ride by train. Deciding on Milan for your break can be a very rewarding experience.

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