Read This Before Applying For A Diplomatic Passport.

by Richard Davis

Applying for a diplomatic passport is not an easy and cheap task and hence, you should not take steps without gathering necessary information. To apply for a legitimate passport, utilize the efficient services offered by Only a few companies on the internet provide what they promise and you should be aware of staying away from scams.

Most of the companies that claim to help you with diplomatic passport are scams as they aim at costing you money for something that is not worthy. You can become an ambassador of a country, but it is not possible without meeting its government. There is no need to buy a home in the host country to become a diplomat. If any company forces you to buy a property, just run away.

You should be declared as a diplomat by the government issuing you the passport. lets you become the ambassador of the host country so that you can enjoy diplomatic immunity. However, you have to be ready to spend thousands of dollars to be declared a diplomatic position. If you are looking for diplomatic passport, you can choose to become an honorary consul.

There are illegitimate companies that suggest you to marry a citizen to get your passport. This will lead you to prison if you are married already. No country is interested in granting citizenship or passport for someone who has married its citizen only for the sake of it.

Eventually, you will be caught when you marry the person just to get a passport. You should also not try the risk of being declared as an adopted child to get any kind of second passport. understands the legal documents that are required for you to become an ambassador of a country. Also, when you travel to other nations, the host country that issued you a passport must arrange for visas providing official documents that you are visiting other nations for state business purposes. Without legitimate diplomatic passport, you can’t expect the government to do this.

If you need diplomatic immunity apart from diplomatic passport, then honorary consul position is not suitable for you. Before deciding on what diplomatic position you want, spend time in reading the services offered by You should also understand the costs involved because different positions cost you differently.

You should not resort to shortcuts to achieve diplomatic position because the host countries providing second passports will not tolerate any misbehavior that may affect the prestige of the country. Moreover, it is important to know that the host country providing you the second passport allows visa free travels to several popular countries.