Plan Your Dream Holiday!

by Diksha Ramnundun

Thinking about holiday? Choosing the best destination can be quite a tedious task! You’ll need to consider how much money you’ll need, choose the best times to travel and make the bookings. Often, the hardest part is to accommodate for everyone’s differing preferences for holiday activities.

Mauritius might be the perfect destination for your next holiday. Don’t assume that such a faraway destination is going to be expensive! Planning ahead for holidays in Mauritius can help you save money. There is no need to go for five star hotels, as there is a whole range of hotels to fit your needs and provide same level of facilities and services. There are also many packages available at reasonable prices, some including extras such as car rental.

Mauritius offers a wide range of activities and events to suit everyone! If you are travelling as a couple on honeymoon or just a get-away for the two of you, then you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, sunny beaches, warm waters and cool breezes while you stroll along watching the sun go down. Mauritius can add a real element of romance to your holiday!

If sports are your thing for holidays, then Mauritius is the place to be! From water sports, for beginners and experts, to tennis, hiking, wind surfing and kite surfing, Mauritius offers a range of sports activities to the heart’s content of the most energetic! With golf courses reputed among the best in the world, Mauritius is definitely the dream destination for holidaymakers who love golf.

With its rich history and diverse population, Mauritius is the country to visit if you are thirsty for cultural knowledge. This single destination will bring you in contact with cultures from around the world. You can experience the main festivals, cuisines and traditions of India, China and Europe all blended in the unique Mauritian culture.

So look no further – start planning your holiday in Mauritius now and share the experiences of your favourite stars like Robert de Niro, Marco Materazzi, Colin Montgomerie, Danny Brillant, Lizzy Jagger, Gad Elmaleh, Oliver Kahn, Jennifer Ellison, Zinedine Zidane and Prince Harry.