Papagayo Costa Rica

by Arthur P. Maxwell

On Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast is Papagayo Peninsula. This coastal paradise has enchanting beaches and virgin rain forests, along with all the amenities and luxuries of a high-end beach resort hotel environment. Papagayo Peninsula is a beautiful location unlike any other you will find anywhere in Central America.

Guests are treated to the rich and vibrant tropical scenery that is truly spectacular. The inviting fragrances lure guests to explore the lush landscape, filled with brilliant tropical flowers. This backdrop is just the beginning of the incredible sights and wonders that are waiting to be experienced.

Beyond anything your imagination could contrive, (or maybe not?), you will find a hidden paradise at the Papagayo Peninsula. There are literally miles of virgin coastline and over 30 separate beaches that invite guests to explore and enjoy. Crystal clear surf, immense blue skies, and perfect temperatures all contribute to the irresistible temptation to enjoy the ocean.

Costa Rica is a place where you can indulge your desires as you relax in unabashed luxury both inside and outside your beach resort hotel. There are rainforest wonders to be discovered, zip line tours to thrill you and hundreds of secrets that await you. The Peninsula Papagayo is still a place of unimaginable enchantment and the vibrant colors and the warm, rich earthiness of the forests will fire the passion and dreams of your mind and spirit.

Right now is the perfect time to visit one of the most breathtaking settings in the world. The Papagayo region of Costa Rica has an abundance of natural beauty for guests of all ages. On any one of the Peninsula’s marinas one can find plenty of boats available for charters, sightseeing or personal moonlight escapes. When you choose the Papagayo Peninsula as a vacation destination, you will experience what it’s like to enter a timeless world of relaxed, gracious elegance.