New York City Hourly Rate Hotels

These types of hotels are a dime a dozen and are generally related with prostitution or sexual escapades of young teenagers. You may need these kinds of hotels, in case your flight is postponed by a few hours, or, if you get there and you only have a few hours of work there. These hotels are very economical.

If you are looking for cheap accommodation option in New York City then here are some of the best options when it comes to Hourly rate hotels:

1. Airway Inn The hotel is situated near LaGuardia, this economical hotel does not give much of an inkling. So, do not look forward too much in terms of class and elegance. However, since it is placed near the airport this gives a great breather for those who have their flights deferred for quite a few hours. You may also want to seize a nap. Obtainable at $61 for four hours, plus $13 for each additional hour and $70 for four hours after 9 p.m. with $13 for each additional hour, this hotel is one of the best options in New York.

2. Days Inn, Brooklyn Do not expect wonders in terms of quality. But as we say, quality never comes low-priced; you should not have any misgivings. So, although it is not much in terms of aesthetics, but you can sure have the benefit of cost efficiency. The rates are around $49 for three hours.

3. Manhattan Hotel Ideally placed near the Times Square region, this hotel offers lodging at $65 for three hours; and although you shall find a number of such hotels around this place, this is one of the best choices that you have. The establishment does not seem to be too untidy, making it a feasible option.

4. St Mark’s Hotel The Hotel does not provide you with much in terms of quality and so; do not look out for it as well. Situated at this place since the 1960s, this property offers housing at $50 for a minimum of two hours, plus $25 for each additional hour.

5. La Semana It is situated on The West 24th Street location near Madison Square Park, the hotel charges are around $73 for three hours in a luxury room, or $85 for a room that comes with a Jacuzzi.

The above mentioned hotels are not suggested for stay with your family, but certainly offer relief from plight of a delayed flight, a conference call visit and so on. So, don’t forget to check out these hotels on your next trip to New York.