More Families Sue Airlines

More families are getting serious in suing the airlines these days. The first and the foremost that the family does to sue an airline, is to educate itself on how to sue an airline. Suing an airline can be intimidating; however if done right with the legal information at hand then the case can be in your favor.More families who pursued suing an airline considered the following factors when filing. Prior to pursuing action in small claims court for suing an airline, they determined the following:


  1. Is the amount of the claim smaller than the state or local law monetary limit?
  2. Does the airline do business in the court in which you are filing?
  3. Does the airline have a contract of carriage which must be followed?
  4. Has the airline been given the opportunity to follow any of its obligations?
  5. Can the dispute be settled out of court?
  6. Is it a hardship for you to appear in court?

More families who are suing an airline are very much aware of their rights. These are some of the cases where families are involved in suing the airline.

· A husband and wife sued United Airlines for “negligently” over serving alcohol during a flight from Osaka, Japan, to San Francisco, saying the carrier’s drinks fueled the domestic violence involving the two shortly after their plane landed.

· Dozens of outraged airplane passengers have threatened to sue Continental Airlines, claiming they were left stranded on a plane and grounded for hours in hellish conditions.

· A couple has also sued US Airways, alleging the husband was falsely arrested and the wife suffered a miscarriage after a dispute with a flight attendant on a trip from Detroit to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

· The families of five disabled passengers have sued North West airlines in a federal lawsuit alleging that the company routinely violates the rights of people who use wheelchairs.

Air travel is tiring enough without being used and abused by the airlines. If you suffered an indignity at the hands of an airline don’t get mad or feel helpless, send a clear message this behavior will not be tolerated or else you will be suing the airline.

Take your beef to Small Claims Court. With minimal cost, whether successful or not, you will come out a winner. Typically an airline will hire attorneys to prepare the case with costs exceeding $1,000 per claim in legal fees. While litigation should never be your first option, if you believe you have a legitimate claim, it is a viable avenue when all other options fail. Even if you lose the battle you can still win the war by making your point to the airline.