Money in Montana

by Ian Kleine

Montana has an estimated worth of twenty six billion dollars in state products alone, during the past six years. The PCPI or per capita personal income six years ago was at twenty five thousand dollars. These figures were rapidly increasing over the years, and as of today, the figures were expected to have risen by at least five percent of the original numbers.

Montana is an agricultural state, with a lot of produce to support itself and the country’s needs as well. Most of its farm produce are sugar beets, oats, wheat, barley, cherries, honey from bees, and potato seeds. Montana maintains cattle and sheep ranching too, which makes for a great part in their income.

The state is also quite known for brewing beer, mead and other home brewed goods, currently ranking as the third largest for income generated from microbreweries. Industries growing in the area include those of lumber and the extraction of minerals, most of which include gold, silver, talcum, vermiculite and coal.

The state also benefits from the from tourism, which is a heavy industry here in Montana. Most of the must-see-places for tourists are Flathead Lake, the Missouri River, the Battle of Little Bighorn grounds, the Glacier National Park and of course, the world-famous Yellowstone National Park.

Montana has at least seven brackets for ranking personal income tax. All of those range from the lowest one, of one percent, to the highest which reaches up till six and ninety of a hundredth percent. There is no sales tax. Most of the property live stock is where the tax is assessed. There is also farm machinery, the equipments, cars and other automobiles, and equipment used for businesses. This value is multiplied by the tax rate to obtain the value needed for paying tax. That then, is multiplied to a mill levy created by various jurisdictions, the city government, the county government, schools, and other public organizations to obtain the final net value.