Mississippi Cruise Options For Entertainment And Culture

by Anthony Herbert

River cruises are a fantastic way to spend your holidays, and the Mississippi is a particularly interesting river on which to travel, whether for a quick weekend or for an extended cruise.

A Mississippi cruise can be of many kinds, depending upon the chic, the size of the vessel, the number of passengers, the theme, the cost and the length. The most common distinctions are the deluxe cruises vs. budget cruises, nature vs. city cruises, steamboat vs. modern boat, and the kind (honeymoon, historical, senior, singles, etc).

The Mississippi river is one of the longest ones in the world, so there are a lot of different cruise possibilities up and down its length, from the Gulf of Mexico to Minnesota.

There are also very different passenger rivers that ply the Mississippi river on cruises. There are modern, no-nonsense tourist ferries for short trips, smaller and more intimate boats for nature cruises, and the queens of the river, the steamboats and paddleboats of old.

There is not dearth of activities on a Mississippi cruise, and these include swimming going to a spa, gambling, visiting the local towns, experiencing river nature, high quality gastronomy, clubbing and so on.

Many of the bigger boats include a lot of activities and events on the Mississippi river cruise, which can make the trip very suitable for young adults. But there are activities for families and more mature people as well. From bird-watching to gourmet dinners and dance evenings on the river, there are options for everyone’s tastes.

Many Mississippi river cruises follow a distinct theme throughout the trip, and both the on-shore sightseeing and the on-board entertainment are geared towards the themes. Whether you are a naturalist, a civil war buff, a jazz lover, a nostalgic for the days of steamboats and railroads, or an architecture fan, you will be able to find the cruise that interests you.

The principal ports of departure and arrival are New Orleans, Memphis, Chattanooga, St. Louis, Galveston and Pittsburgh. A Mississippi cruise can be either a round-trip or just one way, between two ports of call.

Just as there are a wealth of options, pricing for Mississippi river cruises is also very different, depending on the amount of pampering and extras that you require. A self-catering boat or a budget cruiser can be had for little money, but if you like lavishness you will have To spend ad much as if you were staying in a top of the line hotel.

So what are you waiting for? Use the available resources on the Internet to further research Mississippi river cruises, and then book the trip that suits you best at one of the many specialized travel agencies. You will love the experience!