Making a Day at the Beach Paradise with an Outdoor Instant Shelters Marquee

Memories of the summertime hold a special place in the hearts of all of us. There is something about the added sun and heat that makes everyone feel young, drawing crowds to the beaches and seashores all over the country. However you would like to explain it, passing your summer days at the beach is a must in the summertime.

However, we all know the drawbacks to being out in the sun all day long. The heat can tire you out, and the harmful UV rays of the sun can pose a grave threat to the health of our skin. Besides, when the weather takes a bad turn and there’s nowhere to take shelter, a day at the beach can quickly become a glum ride home.

The only way to make the most of your beach days is to prepare for both the best and the worst of times. That means hoping for a beautiful day with no threat of rain, but having a secondary plan in case ominous clouds appear on the horizon. Taking along a marquee is an excellent way to cover both ends of the spectrum.

The marquees from Outdoor Instant Shelters allow everyone to take a break from the scorching sun without disrupting the party. The marquee will block out almost 100% of the sun’s harmful rays, allowing you to spend hours underneath without worrying what will happen to your skin.

If you want to make it a day for a picnic at the beach, you’ll be able to provide protection for any type of food you bring. As for cold drinks on ice, you’ll get added time with the sun blocked out.

The marquees are ideal for surfers accustomed to spending long days at the beach. Whether you want to paddle out several different times a day and take a nap in between, or be sure that your surfboard will stay out of the sun, the marquee will do the job.

Because the weather is so difficult to predict — even for professional meteorologists — there’s not point in relying on any forecast. A beautifully clear day may seem in the cards, only to turn out to be the worst weather you’ve seen in years. Or, while it appears a giant storm is headed in your direction, it may be only a sun shower that passes within thirty minutes. If you want to wait and see, slip inside your instant shelter and relax for a while. While the beach empties out, you can enjoy some time with your friends until the weather improves.

Even though an instant shelter marquee has multiple advantages over beach umbrellas, they take a similar amount of time to erect. Two people working together can put one up in about a minute’s time.

Outdoor Instant Shelters marquees all have three sides, making it a nice way to block the sun on clear days while keeping the wind away from you on the blustery days. No one likes the feeling of getting sand in the face.

On a very crowded day at your favorite spot, bring a radio along, get a front row seat, and block out everything as the three walls allow you to focus on the vision of waves crumbling before you.