Low Price Airfare For Every Season

by Ann Triune

If you want low price airfare, there’s always an open door somewhere. Let’s take a look at the four seasons of the year. Each season offers affordable flights when you need them!

Wait For The Snow

The best time to travel on a budget is sometime between winter and spring, when both airlines and destinations are more willing to offer discounts. This is because most people are already tired from their holiday travels or even from their holiday shopping. Most airlines offer a sale on advance-purchase tickets for winter.

Paris is a great place to visit during winter. Well-known attractions in France are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Seine River. Numerous tourists across the globe go to Paris each year, so why not drop by yourself?

You’re bound to find low price airfare to Paris on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from January to March. Prices tend to be high on Mondays and weekends because that’s when business travelers and tourists who want to stay longer mark their dates. Check out flights that travel through large cities with many flights to save more.

Spring Time

Spring break isn’t the time for low price airfare. However, wait until the kids are in school, or find your way around spring break with cheap group rates and other tricks. Airlines usually offer low price airfare in late May and again later in August.

There are a number of ways of getting low price airfare during springtime. It’s best to visit Cancun if you want cheap group rates. You’ll realize getting low price airfare during spring is about the destination and your present location. If you live in California for instance, you can easily get great deals if you plan to visit Las Vegas. Package deals is a given. You’ll be able to save heaps on accommodation and car rentals.

Looking At The Bright Side

Summertime is tricky for travelers. International tourists tend to flock just about anywhere during this time, not to mention those weddings and honeymoons. There are two things you can do. Mark a different date or aim for a rarely visited destination.

If you’re thinking of adventure at a lower cost, visit Kenya and Tanzania from June to September. During this time anyone can still stand the weather even though high season isn’t around anymore. If you’re thinking of visiting a tropical haven, visit the Bay Islands of Honduras. This destination isn’t touristy and is highly affordable to travel to.

Falling For Fall

During fall, prices can go down to as much as 50 percent. This is because the weather is getting colder. But many fail to see the good side of autumn. If you brave this time to travel, you’ll be one of the lucky few to grab an amazing holiday opportunity at a ridiculously low cost.

Lavish resorts are highly affordable when summer ends. The waves may hit cold but the beaches are really quite charming during fall. The sunlight is soft and the breeze cool and fresh. This is definitely the best time to have long walks by the beach in long sleeves and lay back to tranquil waves and sea gulls without the clamor. The scorching sun, crowd and endless restaurant lines become non-existent. This is best for lovers and any one who just wants peace of mind.

Finding a low price airfare is a breeze. All you need is the right time and place to travel. Whether it’s hot, cold, pouring or sunny, you have lots of choices!