Leisure Sports; Golf and Clay Pigeon Shooting

It is important that we all have a hobby of some description to take our minds off the stressful days of work. We all need something to do in order to wind down and relax so as not to end up having a break down or worse. Many people use one of two popular sports for this precise reason, either golf or clay pigeon shooting.

One clear difference in the two sports is that you need to be fairly fit and agile to play a full round of golf because of the nature of the swing of the club. In order to keep your swing technique consistent you need to have some level of physical fitness, with shooting however, although you do need to be at least a little bit fit and strong to hold the gun up and follow the clay with it, there is less energy and fitness requirement for shooting than golf.

Another major difference between the two is in the amount of time required to take part. 18 holes of golf will take 3 hours or more to complete, whether it is a competition or practice, whereas with clay pigeon shooting you can shoot 100 clays in about 1 to 2 hours making shooting a more practical proposition as you don’t need to set aside half a day in order to take part, or to practice.

Another key difference is that as a Golfer, you become a member of a club, so as tied primarily to that club for your games. As you in essence only have 18 holes to shoot at you are therefore limited to the variety of targets available to you. With clay pigeon shooting, shooting at one ground is not as restrictive as the possible variety of targets that can be set up is endless. Membership fees at shooting grounds tend to be much less than at Golf clubs. Most grounds will change their layouts on a regular basis so you never have a change to get bored.

Whichever sport you choose to unwind and relax with, just remember to always try and play for fun rather than competition, otherwise the stress free relaxation that you went there to find will be gone almost completely.