Learn the Rules About Carry On Luggage For Easier Travel

by Katelyn Gerbrandt

In today’s security conscious society, there are many new policies that make taking a flight more tricky than ever. What with limits on luggage size and weight, new security precautions and regulations on what’s permissible to carry onto the plane, it can seem overwhelming. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these requirements are there for your protection.

It’s not a simple matter to know what the rules are. Sometimes you feel as if they’re different each time you fly, which adds to the difficulty of planning your trip. Nevertheless, arriving at the airport unaware of the requirements is simply not acceptable. Without a doubt, the way to avoid luggage hassles at the airport is to make certain that you are knowledgeable about the rules ahead of time.

A good way to educate yourself about the latest carry on luggage rules is to go to the website of the particular airport that you will be flying out of. Although all American airports share the same overarching set of rules, some tend to interpret the carry on luggage rules differently.

International flight rules for carry on luggage can be even more complicated than domestic flights. Security is much stricter and you will, of course, be subject to the rules and regulations of your destination country. This works in the same way when you are leaving that country and setting off on your journey home. You will need to be aware of the departing rules and regulations.

Some of the various rules appear to be more of a request than a stipulation. For instance, you may be asked to bring the smallest piece of luggage you are traveling with onto the aircraft as carry on luggage. You are, however, allowed to take a piece of hand luggage onto the aircraft up to the maximum size and weight if you so wish.

Similarly, the Transportation Security Administration suggests that you should pack any electronic items in your checked luggage, but you are still permitted to take them in your carry on luggage if you choose.

We have all seen the passenger who refuses to comply with the carry on luggage rules and tries to bring a larger bag or refuses to put something in their checked luggage. Avoid being that person by educating yourself about the carry on luggage rules before you get to the airport. Also remember that the airline and TSA personnel are only doing their jobs; arguing with them won’t get them to change their minds.

By simply taking a few steps to stay informed about current carry on luggage rules, you can ensure that your journey is safer, easier, and quicker.