Kentucky Hill Country – Great Biking Trails Await You

Kentucky has some unique geographic interests that can make for some awesome bike riding. First of all, this state is home to the world’s largest and longest cave system. It also has the longest navigable streams and waterways in 48 states. On top of all that you will find the two largest manmade lakes east of the Mississippi here. Spectacular scenery is just an added bonus to your ride.

There’s a great bike trail in Corbin suitable for riders of all experience levels. It starts out nice and easy, headed predominantly downhill to Laurel Lake. Then it travels around the lake incorporating a few minor climbs and some switchbacks before entering an 8-mile run to the Holly Bay Marina. The final 4-mile stretch will bring you to the Corbin City Dam. A second trail in Corbin-the Cane Creek Trail-offers fresh scenic views with a bit more technical difficulty for riders who want more of a challenge.

Another trail with lots of variety is located not far from Frankfort. The Capital View Trails are well kept and lots of fun with some great challenges like rock gardens, drops, ramps, sharp inclines and descents, and sinkholes. As a result, these trails are also well used by local residents, so be prepared to have some company on your ride. There is also a deer trail that runs down to a creek that is perfect for beginning riders.

Close to Paducah you can try out a great 11-mile route called the Canal Loop. Most of this trail is dusty and dry rolling hills, but there are also offshoots you can check out to add some interest to your ride. If you like to ride fast, this is a great trail to try. It’s also ideal for beginners because it is well kept and easy to navigate.

Jenny Ridge near Murray is a fairly technical and steep trail that will challenge intermediate to experienced bikers. It’s about a 31-mile loop from Golden Pond to Canal Loop. Since it’s not well-traveled, you don’t have to worry about crowding on the trails. Be prepared to cross a few streams and enjoy some outstanding views of Kentucky Lake.

Seasoned riders will also relish the challenge of the Iron Furnace Cave Run Lake Trail not far from Morehead. With 9 miles of sharp inclines, it’s an uphill battle combined with switchbacks, that will test your endurance. But once you get to the top, the view of Cave Run Lake is fantastic! Be sure you have a good bike, though, because the ride down could get a little rough without good brakes.

Twelve miles of trail near Louisville offer more variety for riders of different experience levels again. The Cherokee/Seneca Trail incorporates tight trail sections, stream crossings, mud, roots to circumvent, and some fast drops. Be sure to watch for pedestrians, though, as this trail is also used by hikers!

If biking Kentucky’s hill country sounds like your idea of fun and relaxation, you’ll really enjoy the state’s biking trails. And all of the variety the Bluegrass State has to offer is a fantastic bonus. Ride safe and plan to have a blast!