Kayaking For People With Disabilities

Days when physically handicapped people were utterly helpless has long gone. Today, the society and numerous organizations for the disabled have engineered means and ways to make people with disabilities to become more independent and responsible. They can even enjoy sports without any help. People always feel good when they are able to overcome challenges and it is wonderful to see that the challenge of physical disability is a thing of the past.

One of the most raved recreations for disabled people is kayaking. There are some people who have revolutionized the sport and made them available even to handicapped individuals. One name that stands out would be Mark Theobald.

He is known as the disabled kayak inventor/extraordinaire among his peers. He has made the sport possible and accessible to individuals who used to have no chance of enjoying paddling the waters through his innovative ways and astonishing dedication. He revolutionized the paddles and backrests which has made his designs a favorite for many groups with disability programs.

Kayaking enthusiasts with physical disabilities have much to thank Mark for. One enthusiast who cannot walk raved that kayaking is a great sport for him because paddling can replace walking and now he can be free to explore unique environments and overcome challenges with independence.

Today quadriplegics also have a chance to enjoy kayaks as Mark is continually working with them to engineer designs that would enable them to enjoy the sport on their own. One in particular, a female college student with cerebral palsy who thought she wouldn’t be able to paddle a kayak has done the unexpected. Like most people who suffer from CP, her movements are severely limited.

Among the people who has tested Mark’s design is a quadriplegic who has severe restrictions in using his hands. The revolutionized paddles made it very easy for him to command the rig and he gave the concept a rave review. To this day he has been working with Mark continuously to improve the concepts, to enable even those with major disabilities to be able to enjoy the sport.

There are people like Mark Theobald who have tirelessly devoted their talents and efforts to enable individuals with disabilities to live life to the fullest. Because of their genius, a sport like kayaking is no longer exclusive for people with no disabilities. A handicapped person can now have a chance to explore new environments and overcome what used to be insurmountable hurdles even on his own.