Isn’t It About Time to Take Your Bahamas Cruise Vacation

For those wishing to get away from it all, cheap cruises to the Bahamas can be just the ticket. You can enjoy the natural beauty and the native culture of the Bahamas as well as the cruise ship amenities. On such cruises, there are opportunities for everyone in your party to have a great time.

Since the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is located so close to Florida in the Atlantic your cruise will most likely depart from ports such as Fort Lauderdale Miami or Port Canaveral. Some islands are so close that a lot of cruise packages will find you in your first port of call within a few hours. The Bahamas is actually a string of nearly 700 islands between Florida and Cuba. Even a cheap weekend getaway cruise will allow you to visit at least one island in the Bahamas.

While visiting the Bahamas, you can experience the rich culture, which is a compelling mixture of African and European influences. If you just hear steel drums when you think of Bahamanian music, you have it partly right. While in the Bahamas, you are likely to hear a rhythmic form of music known as Junkanoo as well as rake and scrape and calypso. Marching bands also play an important role in island life and you may get a chance to see them in action during one of their many festivals.

Those fortunate enough to find cheap cruises to the Bahamas will have money in their pockets to enjoy the wide variety of activities available throughout the islands. The endless beaches and warm sun are by far the stars of the show. But you should definitely make time for water sports like diving glass bottom boat tours snorkeling and submarine tours. Don’t miss the charming markets where you can shop for palm frond baskets bags hats and other crafts. Avid golfers will find some of the most beautiful courses anywhere while others can experience the magic of swimming with dolphins.

One of the first islands people usually visit is Nassau since it is a mere fifty miles from Florida. Most find a familiar yet exotic feel to this island thanks to its British Colonial heritage. Because everyone drives on the left side of the road and the police officers wear uniforms in the English style it feels very European. However once you see the modern resorts and incredible beaches you know you are in the tropics.

Whether you seek relaxation on the beach or adventure a cruise to the Bahamas is the perfect vacation. Just a little research will yield some cheap cruises to fit your budget. You can save your money for the fun activities and shopping at all the ports in your cruise to the Bahamas.