Introducing Swiss Army Luggage

by Rick Giovannis

Swiss Army has grown into the production of high quality luggage products. Their range of products includes everything from common bags and backpacks to wheeled luggage, briefcases, duffel bags, laptop cases and fanny packs.

The company also produces toiletry holders, umbrellas and other similar products under the product category of Swiss Army luggage.

The Swiss army luggage collection is not only restricted to different kinds of travel bags. Rather you will be able to find other various kinds of accessories such as kitchen cutlery, apparel, watches and various other travel accessories.

Basically Swiss army luggage can be divided into three main categories.

Tourbach and NXT Upright Mobilizers

The Tourbach and NXT Mobilizers are the top of the line products from Victorinox. You can be assured of travelling in comfort and convenience. With high quality performax fabric made by the company it is both durable and stylish.

Fitted with aircraft grade aluminum handles these products guarantee high-level durability and reinforced strength.

This series comes with a carry with confidence plus guarantee which is a lifetime guarantee provided by Victorinox on this particular range. The high tech designing and classy exteriors combine with functional interiors to give a product that combines looks and performance with dexterity.

E-Motion Pack +

Being marketed as the E-Motion Trek Pack this particular range combines the handle system with the real system to give you a versatile and economic backpack. That’s right! This luggage product can be used as a trolley bag as well as a trendy backpack.

Irrespective of what your personal style is this backpack has a universal appeal complimented by a versatile functionality. Also included in this range are docking bags, trek duffels and travel packs.

Swiss University Collection

Victorinox has also developed a new range of bags which comprises of a special University collection catering to the college going students. This collection consists of bags that can be utilized to carry books and on the converse side they can turn into to travel bag.

Swiss Army Briefcase

Victorinox has also diversified into catering to the corporate official with its collection of briefcases. One of the most popular varieties amongst its briefcase collection is the WT Standard Brief. Equipped with a fan file system for easy organization this particular briefcase offers quick access and complete organization making it an ideal choice for the corporate manager.

Also found inside the briefcases is an organizational panel which has been particularly created to safeguard any communication devices and digital accessories kept within the briefcase. An anti-slip shoulder strap ensures against slip and trips whereas a zip away water bottle Pocket adds more convenience.