How To Save On Vacations In An Economy Crisis

by Alexandra Vrugt

We all benefit from a vacation from time to time. However, in an economy crisis, vacationing can be a financial challenge if you don’t plan with a mind for saving. Cost is always a factor, but there are ways that a family can still enjoy their vacation without breaking the piggy bank.

Check out these ways that you can buy for cheap, just about any vacation:

1. Try a website like or where you can either choose your own pricing for hotels, flights, and car rentals, or you can exercise flexibility with regard to the hotel name and save a ton of money. These websites can offer discounts as high as 70% off of the regular rate!

2. Think about doing a home trade. People all over the world are willing to trade their home with another family for a period of time so that each family can vacate in the area of their choice. You could possibly explore the beautiful city of Paris or the historical streets of London without paying a dime for a hotel! There are also websites for people that are interested in swapping houses. However, always do your homework before going or letting someone come into your home. Get references, do what you need to do to protect your valuables, and always make sure to get photos and area information before making any agreements. Safety is much more important than saving a few bucks.

3. Go in for a quick time-share presentation. Where else can you get a luxury hotel stay, dinner or a trip to the theatre for just sitting and listening to somebody talk for a couple of hours? Most people listen to people gab all day at the job and they don’t have anything to show for it! If you do decide to check out one of these “meetings”, always remember that you DON’T have to buy anything. However, if you decide to consider buying, truth is that time sharing is another way to save on future vacations.

4. Join a vacation club or use a rewards program to save! These two options will allow you to buy for cheap and without paying in a lump sum. Vacation clubs are usually an installment program that will allow you to save a few dollars at a time. The members also have access to different deals and savings programs that other are not privy to. Reward programs are fabulous ways to get free hotel nights, car rentals, or upgrades. They are also perfect savings tools because most reward programs do not require you to pay anything! You sign up for free and accumulate points or rewards toward free future travel. Sometimes, you dont even have to buy anything before you start receiving insider travel discounts. Either way, you cant go wrong!