How To Find Cheap Hotels With Great Facilities


When looking for cheap hotels in an area, it is also important to check the hotel has all the facilities you require. Like making any purchase, when looking for a cheap hotel be realistic, a cheap 3 star hotel will certainly be basic, however all hotels of any star rating should at least be clean and comfortable, usually with a reception and bar. Often you can find boutique hotels that are very cheap, sometimes family run and the service in these types of hotel will often be fantastic. Some of the modern build 3 star hotels are excellent with the major brands providing modern, clean bedrooms with minimal facilities.

A cheap 4 star hotel will usually have plenty of facilities, though not always leisure facilities. It is always worth stretching to a 4 star hotel if possible as a 4 star rating when booking a cheap hotel will always provide some level or security and more often than not at least a good minimum level of comfort and service levels regardless of cost.

Even if on a budget we would advise that a 2 star hotel would not be advisable unless you are prepared to rough it, 2 star cheap hotels will be incredibly basic and not much can be expected for these. 2 star hotels are great for students, travellers and back packers who wish to spend as little as possible.

When viewing hotel facility pages on a hotel website I would always beware of hotels that do not display many images and certainly avoid hotels displaying no images. If a hotel has facilities, bedrooms and an ambience it is a proud of then it will ensure it provides the best images possible. If there are no images of hotel, especially a budget of cheap hotel, then it is advisable to avoid it at all costs.

When you are looking to save money by booking a cheap hotel, ensure it displays its facilities correctly, details its location (ideally a map) and has a number of clear images of the outside, interior and importantly a typical looking bedroom at the hotel. Don’t forget, you will spend more time in your bedroom than the rest of the hotel, so if the image displayed of the hotels bedroom is not looking good then it is advisable to avoid booking with the hotel. The bedroom image would be the best the hotel had to put on the website or the most realistic representation of the run of house bedrooms so it is a fair chance that this is what you will end up in, if booking via a hotel booking website.

The one aspect of a hotel that you cannot determine from the facilities and probably the most important is the service levels. However even on an internet website there can be clues, often the description will mention that it is a friendly hotel providing good service and if a hotel has chosen to add this to its description it is often that this is key to the hotels management team. This will not always ring true however a cheap hotel with poor facilities can often be lifted by an excellent staff and service level.