How To Avoid Travel Sickness

Have you ever planned a long vacation and right in the middle of the trip you get sick? Being sick while traveling can be one of the worst feelings your body will experience. Some people seem to be more prone to this kind of sickness than others but anyone can experience it.

There are many precautions you can take to avoid motion sickness as some call it. Here are a few suggestions to help you on your next traveling experience.

Understanding what causes motion sickness will help you deal with the situation that can cause the problem. Your brain regulates where it is by combining your different senses. By using your sight, touch, inner ear information, and external expectations your body will normally agree with the information and expectations making everything fine, but when they disagree that is when motion sickness occurs.

The first thing you need to know about motions sickness is what are you doing that is causing you to be sick. Some times there is different stimulus for different people. Finding out what effects you the most is going to help you find a remedy to lessen the effect it has on your body.

When riding in a car you will want to sit in the front seat and look out the wind shield to see where you are going. Do not read in the car, or bring any thing that takes a lot of concentration as this will make you sick. If you are going on a long trip make sure to eat bland foods and try to stay away from greasy fast food along the way.

If you are going to be flying ask for a window seat or try to sit at the front of the plane. There tends to be less noise at the front away from the engines. For some the smell of the exhaust from the engines can make them sick so if you know that some one in your party gets motion sickness take this into consideration when booking the flight. Most airlines will accommodate those who book early.

Traveling by ship is not recommended for people who are prone to motion sickness, but if you have no choice try to sit in the middle. Monitoring the horizon is a good way to help your body regulate the motion with out getting sick. Stay away from the front of the ship where the most activity is going to be and make sure you are not confined to small spaces as well. Bland foods are also recommended for this kind of travelling.

There is medication that can be taken for those who can not control motion sickness on their own. Taking travel sickness pills will help prevent motion sickness and will last about 4 hours. However the best remedy is to watch what you eat before hand and try and take your mind off the journey ahead. If traveling by car, have a window open to get some fresh air. On a plane switch on the air blower and direct it down on your face.

Do not worry if you do suffer from motion sickness as medical research has shown that it can be cured. It has be found that by taking sensible precautions those suffering from travel sickness greatly reduce their chances of it happening.