Hotel San Jose Costa Rica – The Magic at Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa

by Frank Plesk

San Jose city is the ideal place from which to plan a truly unique, exotic vacation experience in all of Costa Rica. The Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa is a hotel in San Jose that gives you an authentic feel of the real Costa Rican experience by indulging you in a luxurious environment with hospitality that is unmatched in all of Costa Rica. Here is a brief overview of this amazing hotel:

The luxury Costa Rica lodge boasts its tranquil and peaceful appeal, welcoming thousands of visitors annually, so come here to indulge in magic of Central country, Costa Rica which the luxury hotel in San Jose, Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa provides. If you are looking for a place to feel pampered, you can do so here without breaking your bank!

The Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa is a small unique Costa Rica Hotel & Lodge, ideally located, a few kilometers away from the well known airport named as Juan Santamaria International Airport and the trendy Downtown area of beautiful city, San Jose. Once your plane lands, within minutes, you are enveloped in opulence and grandeur. This lodge in Costa Rica provides a luxury feel at very affordable rates.

The sheer opulence of its architectural design, which incorporates elements of Deco, Art Noveau and some Oriental touch, this Costa Rica Lodge, the Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa provides a gorgeous getaway in with its exotic feel and tropical charm.

The sleeping arrangement includes two types of rooms: The Junior Suites, where the rates for single bedroom enclose and double is the same, a very nicely priced US $145.00 (including tax), and the Master Suites, which is an affordable US $ 175.00 (including tax). These rates include all the amenities that come with spending a vacation in a luxury hotel: the warmth and courtesy of the staff, the luxury and elegance of the rooms and the tranquility of the locale, in this hotel in San Jose.

The Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa, is a considered a Luxury Lodge in San Jose in the true sense of the term, has all the facilities one would from a top end chain ” clean, comfortable rooms (all with TVs, private baths, and safes), 24 hr room service, 24 hr taxi service, gym sauna ” with the lack of character that this often entails. Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa also boasts a very functional business center, for all those who need to be in touch with work, and offers its guests free internet for their use!

Give your taste buds an once-in-a-lifetime adventure by indulging them in the exquisite flavors of the cuisine offered by this hotel in San Jose, carefully prepared by the expert chefs. From tantalizing entrees, to divine main course and exquisite desserts, a meal at the fabulous Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa is an experience in itself.

The luxury lodge scene in San Jose is simply divine, attracting hordes of people each year. With its breathtaking beauty, serene tranquility, and warm magic, Corteza Amarilla Art Lodge & Spa in San Jose is one place nobody should miss coming to for a vacation. And to make the experience truly special, come for a special occasion, like a honeymoon or an anniversary and enjoy the true style of living in luxury ” all on a budget.