Hotel Bedding Brings Room Service Comfort

Be aware. Almost all the bedding suppliers say they have “hotel quality bedding,” but most of the time it’s just a bunch of fluff.

Even though almost everyone in the bedding business is trying to sell their own version of hotel bedding, here’s a few key points to make sure your dream bedroom has the real deal or a cheap imitation.

They’re actually in hotels – make sure the bedding manufacturer can back up the claim of having their bedding in 4 and 5 star places. Hotel bedding has to have reliable stitching and a resilient fabric to survive the wear and tear of constant washings.

Hotel collection down comforters are big and fluffy because they have over 550 fill power of goose down feathers. Most importantly, quality comforters have a barrier weave technology that prevents those little feathers from leaking out over time. These comforters will last for years, giving you wonderful insulation for any season.

They’re softer – unlike standard pillows, many of the hotel collection pillows feature an inner pillow of small feathers supported by an outer layer of down feathers. This construction maintains the pillow’s strength and integrity without compromising the overall comfort.

It’s common for many bedding manufacturers to claim they have extremely high thread count amounts in their bed sheets. To get these high numbers, they use a multiple pick/ply method that can create a sometimes heavy and rough material. Nevertheless, their product claims to have a high thread count, so you’d never be the wiser.

Real hotel collection sheets have single ply/pick construction. While a 400-thread count is the highest thread count you can yield with this method, it provides a smooth, light and long-lasting sheet.

Keep a sharp eye for copycats. There’s a lot of imitators out there, but when you do the research to find the best hotel bedding, you may never want to leave your room again.

Pluto Graham is an avid traveler and enjoys writing reviews for hotels. Graham uncovers ever detail about hotel bedding, hotel pools and hotel restaurants.