Hollywood Wax Museum

by Ian Kleine

At this moment, more people actually do opt to visit wax museums out of sheer curiosity, wonder and probably, shock, amusement and bewilderment. Welcome to the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Centered right smack on Hollywood Boulevard lies the wax museum in its stately, old-world, glory. The admission is well over ten dollars, but you be the judge as to whether it is worth your money or not. The portion where it lacks a souvenir shop is a bit sad, however.

As the Hollywood Wax Museum is aptly named, most of the subjects concerned and immortalized are that of those with famous (and almost famous) Hollywood stars in their most famous shows and in their famous roles. Most of the wax figures are those of nineteenth century actors, featuring nineteenth century films I doubt your son or daughter knows. Try asking your son about MASH and he might look at you like some Neanderthal.

Then again, perhaps that would be a good time to immerse your brood in the old culture of Hollywood, when Stallone was still ‘da bomb’ or when Sharon Stone was the talk of the town (admit it, she’s not the ‘it’ thing for almost a decade now). There’s a lot of things to be learned from this simple tour (not necessarily things you have to know, but just things that you should know because it’s just…there). There’s also the Baywatch crew, probably the more familiar for the kiddies out there (mainly because of the recent scandal caused by Hasselhoff regarding his medications).

If you have the time to spend, to splurge on history, then why not give the place a visit? It may not be a Taussad Wax House, but it surely comes close to it. There are other museums nearby that might lift your interest too, like the Believe it or Not museum just around the corner.