Have a Great Vacation

by Kermil J. Fogarth

Having worked hard for a year, you now need a stress relieving vacation to get away from it all and create some new memories to share with family and friends.

If you have a family then they must be involved in the choice of a vacation location. A surprise location can be fun but if there are children involved you must choose a location that has things for them to do so the surprise doesn’t become a tragedy. Taking children away from friends, even if only for a week seems to be something that requires an effort so you must offer them new and exciting things to do that makes them want to go. Select things that combine education and pleasure if possible.

After choosing your location then consider the weather there will likely be different than your home. If going to the mountains, keep in mind they tend to be a little cool even if you go in the summer so bring some warm clothing. If, however, you decide to go to a tropical or otherwise hot location, remember the umbrella. Although it is summer for most of the year, it frequently rains a lot and the last thing you want is your vacation ruined by heavy rain making you sick.

Many wonderful places exist all around the world. If you can afford it, you could make a trip around the world to visit the “seven wonders of the world”. It would be worth the expense. For example, the Pyramids hold many mysteries since the ancient Egyptians, encompassing a technology and architecture seldom matched in today’s world. Take a walk through these wonders and try to figure out the mystery, to find out for yourself the simplicity of the people surrounded by the splendor of the area.

Vacation can be spent at home also. We can just relax and catch up on lost sleep if we feel too exhausted to travel. Meeting friends, barbecues, sitting by the pool and playing with children will make us forget the hard year that passed.

Going on a vacation to exotic places or staying at home require some planning. This can be as exciting as going on the vacation even in the event you merely wind down at home. Taking a vacation should not be as stressful as what it is supposed to relieve.