Havana Night Life

by Mr Jose Mauricio Maurette

Known as a Paradise Under The Stars, Tropicana Cabaret in Havana has been for many years the number one choice when it comes to night life in Havana. Your visit to Havana will be certainly missing a great ingredient for a spicy Cuba holidays.

Tropicana located in the west end of Havana features an assortment of the very best that Cuban music has to offer. Rhythms such as Mambo, Guaguanco, Rumba and Salsa are combined in a feast of colour lasting almost 2 hours.

Not only Tropicana is a place to enjoy the best of the Cuban music but it is also the nursery of the next generation of Cuban performers. The best dancing school in Cuba is located in Tropicana. Only the very best go to perform in the show.

Tropicana opened its doors more than half a century ago and it has hosted the best performers in the American continent such as Nat King Cole, Carmen Miranda, Cheo Feliciano and Bola de Nieve.

Those were years of great corruption and vice which spread out in the highest levels of the Cuban society. Tropicana was the centre of attraction for the wealthiest looking for some good fun. Prostitution and gambling were part of the menu.

Things have certainly change after the revolution led by Fidel Castro which overthrew Batista in 1959. There is no more gambling in allowed in Cuba and Tropicana is not an exception.

The area where the Cabaret is set up is rather vast. This outdoors Cabaret has room for over 1000 people and it features well over 100 artists including singers, dancers and circus performers.

Havana is full of excellent places where to spend a night out but nothing like Tropicana will remain in your mind as one of the best shows you have ever seen in your entire life.