Ghosts in Kansas City, Kansas

by Mercie Hallow

Ghosts are spirits of the dead which continue to haunt us still because of unfinished businesses. Ghosts are really scary; I mean who isnt scared of one? The mere idea of a ghost even if its a family member lurking beneath the walls of our house really gives me goose bumps all over. I just pray I wouldnt see one. My husband says Im a chicken and I shouldnt be afraid of ghosts in our house since they are just spirits of dead relatives. Oh, whatever.

Ghosts are very typical in houses, schools, hospitals and public buildings where once upon a time the place is bustling with life. I dont for one, watch any ghost film for I cannot sleep right after. Ghost tours are a no-no for me, unless Im traveling with like a bus load full of people and with my husband at my side. There is an interesting ghost tour in Kansas City that receives acclaims and positive (and also scary) feedbacks from their clients. This is the Ghost Tours of Kansas.

Kansas City is known to have many buildings and places to have ghost as inhabitants and has a very rich history to share. The tour goes into haunted cemeteries, high schools, museums, and other public places and offices here prominent ghost activities are present. The tour guides are backed up by PEDRO or Paranormal Encounter Documentation and Research Organization which has a team of experts looking for ghosts. Scary!

There was this anecdote wherein a group of women visited a haunted cemetery. One member felt a touch on her back and when she no one, she claimed that it must have been a ghost that hit her. The tour guide/ PEDRO member told her that it was indeed the ghost of a little boy who happens to play among the location and was taken by her red hat.

The places the tour visits are really places where ghosts reside. Door knobs wobbling and pictures taken by the tourists with hazy shadows and ghostly silhouettes in it are evidences that spirits still thrive in these places.