Getting To Know Havana

Walking around the streets of Havana is undeniably a must do in your Cuba Holidays. I would like to introduce you to what in my modest opinion represent the most interesting street walks in Havana.

El Malecon: This is a see front avenue that stretches for 7 kilometers from La Punta Fortress in the Old Town to La Chorrera Fortress in the west end. Considered by many the most beautiful see front promenade in the world, El Malecon is also the most popular gathering place for Havana?s residents.

Paseo del Prado: El Prado Promenade was build at the end of the 19th Century alongside the west end of the wall that protected Havana?s Old Town for almost 200 years. Soon after the wall was brought down El Prado became the fanciest place to live. Today you can admire the magnificent architecture of its best?s residences.

Calle Obispo: If you like being surrounded by thousands of pedestrians wandering like yourself and admiring Havana?s Culture from its very heart then you have to walk along Obispo Street. This pedestrian boulevard is 2 kilometres long and is considered one of the oldest streets of Havana.

Calle San Rafael: It was once the busiest high street of Havana full of retail shops and cafes. Today it is still one of the must see places in Havana. It is Located in Central Havana and it connects Paseo del Prado with Galeano Street. These two streets are also very popular.

Calle Galiano: If you are looking for a bit of shopping the Galeano street is waiting for you. It begins in the China Town and ends in El Malecon. The famous Casa de La Musica night club is located in the intersection of Galeano and San Rafael Streets.

It takes few days to get to see everything that is worth seeing in Havana. Whether you organize a walking tour from your hotel or you prefer to walk at your own pace in Havana you will be amazed by this vibrant city and your holidays will become and unforgettable experience.