Getting Ready For A Ski Holiday

by Alan C Bain

Packing for a ski holiday could be difficult especially if you have to take a flight. Lots and lots of airlines nowadays are charging for extra luggage and especially for the heavier ones. It is not unheard of for people to pay as much as their flight ticket in excess luggage costs. If you reckon you are going to have to travel with a lot of things with you on a vacation it could be a good idea to go with the flight company with the best luggage allowance or one that offers cheaper costs.

On most ski vacation destinations the airlines are used to people taking skis and they generally to take this into account. Always notify the airline well in advance if not at the time of making your reservation that you are going to be taking skis and get them booked in. The airline will have a fix on the number of skis they can carry on each trip. You do not want to be in the disastrous position that you arrive at the airport and you are unable to take your skis with you.

If you are new to skiing or do not want to take your skis with you then you will normally find that you will be able to rent skis, ski boots and suitable clothing in most ski resorts. Just check your ski resorts amenities on the net or speak to the hotel you are booked in for some local knowledge.

If you simply are unable to do without all your clothes and stuff you could arrange to have a suitcase transported prior to your departure date by a shipping company. With the huge excess baggage costs on some flights you may discover that it is simpler to transport your stuff cheaper than pay these additional charges. Make it even cheaper by sharing the cost with the individuals you are travelling with.

Ski jackets and jumpers can be large and will take up a lot of space in any case. Why not put them on the flight instead. It may be to hot to do this but you can take these items on the plane with you and when you arrive in the colder ski resort you can instantly put your jacket and jumper on and get the benefit instantly.

Remember the more you plan and get organized the more smoothly things will go and the less hassled you will be.