Get More Miles When You Apply for an Airline Credit Card

How does an airline credit card work? Well, the idea of airline credit cards was conceived when credit card companies decided to collaborate with airlines to produce better incentives to encourage consumer spending. At that time, the concept of frequent flyer miles had caught on, resulting to increased customer loyalty amongst travelers. Those on a frequent flyer program could accumulate mileage points on every flight they made. Once specific point levels have been acquired, travelers get to claim free flights to various destinations.In this sense, airline credit cards offer consumers a reward program that allows them to convert their reward points into frequent flyer miles at a rate of one mile for every $1 or $2 charged to the credit card. This way, consumers get to accumulate their frequent flyer miles at a much faster rate, which can be redeemed for flights, hotel accommodation or even car rentals. Thus, this works splendidly for travelers who spend and travel frequently.

How does your airline credit card offer you more miles?

As the credit card market becomes increasingly competitive, many airline credit cards are offering consumers with very attractive sign-up incentives. A review on the current airline credit cards reveal perks that work wonders in drawing consumer attention.

For instance, one of the airline miles credit cards entices new sign-ups with no annual fees, 5000 Bonus Miles upon first purchase charged to the card, a 0% APR rate for the first 12 months and 1 mile for every $1 spent. Apart from that, balance transfers are allowed and the current regular APR rate is low at 10.99%. However, this may vary as APR rates fluctuate all the time. What’s more, these airline miles are also applicable for any airline, any seat and with no blackout dates imposed. This is truly an airline credit card that offers one of the best privileges around, as long as you have an excellent credit report to back you up.

Airline credit cards are also offered in multiple forms – Gold, Platinum and Browse Cards. Each of these cards offer varied Bonus Miles upon first credit charge to the card. For example, a Bronze airline credit card offers 5000 Bonus Miles upon first credit card charge, with 1 mile awarded for every $2 spent. On the other hand, a Platinum airline credit card offers 15000 Bonus Miles for the first credit card charge and awards 1 mile for every $1 spent.

Finally, it is obvious that alternate airline credit cards offer variable incentives, as well as collaboration with different airline companies. One airline credit card allows redemptions with any 25 worldwide airlines, major car rental companies and also a few hundred hotels. However, one of the drawbacks is the relatively high regular APR of 17.49% after the 0% APR period is over. Nevertheless, with only a good credit rating required, this card may be easier to obtain as compared to competitor airline credit cards.