Flying in Idaho!

by Mercie Hallow

Most young boys dream of being a pilot someday. Perhaps its because of the adventure that accompanies the flying of an aircraft, the surreal feeling of being airborne or the prestige that comes along with the title. Being a pilot entails a huge responsibility as the lives and safety of his passengers lies in his hands. Pilots are generally trained well in special flying schools that prepare them to be competent and skillfully equipped in flying. A pilots mission is to deliver his passengers to their destinations safe and secured.

The Idaho Aviation Association is an organization that focuses in uplifting the morale of its members, protect the decisions that can affect general aviation in Idaho and increase public awareness on their services. They are composed of competent and skilled members who are equally educated and well-trained in flying Idahos aircrafts. They are in collaboration with the Idaho Transportation Department Division of Aeronautics in coming up with the annual Idaho Aviation Festival.

The Idaho Aviation Festival sparks the curiosity of local adults and children in discovering and learning about their services to the state of Idaho. Idaho has a number of huge airstrips and airports. The Festival aims to educate people from all ages in understanding the general aviation in Idaho; the festival gathers a lot of pilots, aircraft owners, aircraft traders, vendors and enthusiasts under one roof. Seminars, trainings and workshops are included on the festivals two day event. Trade shows and items are showcased and are on sale in the festival.

The Festival provides hands-on workshops for kids in association and partnership with the Discovery Center of Idaho. A career orientation seminar for high school students is also part of this much awaited event. Kids are encouraged and expected to learn about the profession in aviation that will further help them in deciding for their future.

Come and visit the Idaho Festival in Boise this coming march and enjoy the world on aviation right before your eyes.