Florida Beaches: Hit The Beach In The Sunshine State

Beaches are as common in Florida as snowstorms and rain showers are in other parts of the country. This is why many people choose to spend their vacations in the Sunshine State. It’s impossible, though, to visit every Florida beach during the course of one trip. That’s when a little thing called planning comes into play.

The wise vacationers will do their planning as they plan their tropical trips, checking out the attractions, drawing points, and characteristics of each Florida beach. They will look at both of these popular Spring Break getaway spots and little known waterfront retreats.

When the public thinks of Florida beaches, the first thing that seems to come to mind is Miami Beach; a center of both cultural and recreational activities. From swimming to sports, shopping to socializing, there’s always something to do in Miami. This beach is considered one of the world’s best.

Another popular Florida beach is St. Augustine, where people are known to ‘drive the dunes’ in their automobiles (where the law allows, that is) as well as swim, surf and bask in the sun.

Daytona Beach stands among the most popular beaches, as well as a frequent spring break destination. Surfers, tourists and aquatic athletes flood the sands of Daytona, also known for its association to the popular Daytona 500 race. And like Miami, shopping and cultural activities abound.

Also known as a prime party place is Fort Lauderdale Beach, where spring breakers take advantage of parties and recreation parks. Members of the older set might prefer a walk along lush golden sands and through nearby parks.

Part of the Space Coast, Cocoa Beach sits just south of Cape Canavarel. Yet even someone who is not a fan of astronauts and aeronautic history can take advantage of the beach’s lush surf and sun activities. Swimmers, surfers and sailing enthusiasts visit Cocoa Beach to get a taste of the tropics.

Pure ivory sands distinguish Clearwater Beach, known for its day cruises, aquarium, and aqua sports. Although not one of the better known beaches in Florida, Clearwater Beach is custom made for ideal family vacations. It also is known for its shopping opportunities, and its proximity to theaters, restaurants and other attractions.

The name Sanibel Island might not conjure images of spring break fun. Even so, this place is known for its luxurious resorts and a landmark lighthouse people drive miles to see. For years, families have traveled far and wide to make vacation memories at Sanibel Island beach.

One spot that is known for spring break fun, and as a popular tourist destination, is Fort Lauderdale Beach. Parks, recreation and restaurant attractions, and plenty of gold sand, are some of the key drawing points in the Ft. Lauderdale experience.

Panama City Beach, situated on the north coast, boasts activities for all ages. While kids enjoy the marine and recreation parks, adults can dive, fish, and patronize beach bars and restaurants.

So those are some of your options; now it’s time to start planning your Florida vacation. After all, life’s a beach…