Finding The Best Vacation Sailing Package

by Paul Smith

Get on a boat and sail away to uncover the beautiful islands of archipelagos like the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Florida, Greece and other tropical locations. You can go sailing on your own by hiring a bareboat on which you do the navigating, rowing, and cooking. You can hire a bareboat with a skipper to help with navigation and information of local interest.

There is no need to hire a bareboat when there are companies which offer entire sailing vacation packages. The most important aspect of booking a sailing vacation package is the boat itself. The transport vehicle can be anything from a bareboat with a skipper, to a yacht or cruise ship.

When a large number of people are sailing, catamarans are a good option. Catamarans are designed to accommodate a large group of people. Trimarans can accommodate even an even bigger group and are a bit more advanced than catamarans. You can also choose from transport vehicles like caiques such as those used around Greece, gullets, or schooners.

Sailing vacation packages come with a variety of amenities. Most packages offer food and drink at a minimum. Large catamarans may have a kitchen on board. Accessories for use during your sailing adventure may also be provided, such as binoculars, scuba and snorkeling equipment, live music, and even photography. Sailing adventures open to children often provide the kids with water toys.

A stay-sail vacation package has a tie-up with hotel resorts on the island. Travelers use the land accommodations at night and sail during the daylight hours. On a stay-sail vacation package hotels may be anywhere from three to five stars depending on the budget of the traveler.

The price of any sailing vacation package depends on the number of days spent sailing and the amenities provided during the trip. Price also depends on the hotel or resort associated with stay-sail vacation packages. One of the biggest factors in the price of any sailing vacation is the destination.