Finding Short Breaks In England

In times of recession, many people do not have enough money to go abroad so people are starting to look elsewhere for a really pleasant and viable alternative for a short break. However, it might not have occurred to a lot of people that we have plenty to see and do in our own country which might be completely different to where you live.

England is one of the most diverse countries in Europe with all sorts of different types of landscape and an abundance of history and culture which varies from place to place. If you want to get away from the big cities and see beautiful countryside and spend your time in rural England, then you can enjoy one of the best holidays you will never have.

Certain areas of England are famous for beautiful castles, cathedrals and country houses. England has one of the most extensive cultures and histories of all the countries in the world and if you go about finding the right sort of break in England, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking to see distinct cultures and have a more peaceful holiday, then Cornwall and Devon might be good choices. The Cotswolds is a particularly pleasant area and though it is fairly expensive, it boasts some of the finest scenery and beautiful towns in the country. If you are a nature lover, then the Lake District is certainly worth a visit.

If you want to experience the English countryside, then you should consider renting a holiday cottage. There are so many holiday cottages on offer in all areas of the country and this will give you a fantastic insight into the local way of life.