Finding a 5 Star Hotel


When you have made the decision to go on vacation, you might already know where you want to go. That may have been the easy decision. Deciding where to stay, whether a bed and breakfast, a resort, or a 5 star hotel, may not be quite as easy, though.

A 5 star hotel has an advantage over resorts in pricing, and sometimes in the options you will have of things to do and see. A 5 star hotel may also have an advantage over bed and breakfasts, with privacy and the amenities provided. The advantage of hotels increases greatly when you choose a 5 star hotel.

How do you find a great 5 star hotel? You do some research. There are some things you may want to keep in mind as you are looking at hotels to consider:

• What is the comfort level rating? The comfort level of your bed at a 5 star hotel can make or break your vacation. If you can’t get enough peaceful sleep because the bed is too hard or too lumpy, they you won’t be well enough rested to enjoy the rest of your time. Being tired during the day and knowing that you may not sleep well again at night will not make for a happy vacation experience. Look for a high comfort rating may be the number one thing that makes the difference between a good vacation and a poor experience. If the hotel is a 5 star hotel, the comfort rating will be 5 stars too.

• How is the service? 5 star hotel service is supposed to be among the best possible. Has the hotel received a high rating for friendly service? Does the staff go out of their way to be helpful? Are they well organized, having what you need ready when you need it? Do they do things in a timely manner? Does the staff at the 5 star hotel have the reputation of having positive attitudes and treating their guests well? Having the good, friendly service that is typically offered by a 5 star hotel is one thing that may make your stay more fun and more relaxing.

• What sets this 5 star hotel apart from others? Are there any special services or amenities that you haven’t found at any other 5 star hotel? Does this 5 star hotel offer anything that you have been looking for in a hotel stay, such as a spa, sauna, pool, gym, child care, or entertainment in a lounge area? Having extras that aren’t offered at other hotels available to you at a 5 star hotel may make the time you spend there more rewarding and relaxing.

• Is there climate control in the rooms at this 5 star hotel? When you stay a 5 star hotel, you will want to be able to control how warm or cool the room is. Your comfort and relaxation should be priority when you are on vacation, especially at a great 5 star hotel. Keeping the room at a temperature that offers you the best in sleeping, and comfort while awake, will help you be refreshed, relaxed, and ready for fun during your stay at your 5 star hotel.

If there is anything else that you want in a hotel, you should look for a 5 star hotel that offers it. You are likely to find a 5 star hotel that will meet all your vacation needs, and desires. When you choose a good 5 star hotel to stay at, you will have the vacation of a lifetime.