Find the Perfect Vacation at Le Cap d’Agde

by Jeremy Fishbourne

Tourists embarking on a holiday centred around Cap d’Agde will be delighted in its varied offerings: fascinating heritage, modern convenience and a beautiful natural setting.

Whether you want to enjoy the sun, indulge in some outdoor or water sports, Cap d’Agde has the right attractions for a memorable vacation. If you are going as a family or just a couple, the resort would be a delightful destination, as it is very accessible and ideal for both a short break and a long stay.

Tourists are unlikely to find any idle moments while in Cap d’Agde, as four separate vacation destinations can be enjoyed from this resort, a marked contrast to other resorts limited only to a single attraction.

Additionally, you will have the chance for an interlude with Grau d’Agde, a picture-perfect fishing village, and the opportunity to enjoy the solitude of La Tamarissiere, a quaint fishing village surrounded by an age-old pine forest.

The resort complex for some visitors may just be enough. Already the resort has 11 beaches to choose from, as well as 10 districts all worth a visit. There’s the Le Port with its pulsating bars, shops and quayside.

And if such a centre point of social life isn’t enough, tourists can turn to any of the nine satellite districts of the Le Port each with distinct attractions to offer. The visiting tourists, for sure, will feel at ease knowing that they have, within easy access, both a bustling tourist centre and some less crowded places of interest.

The choice is, likewise, large for tourist accommodations. There are hotels, apartments, holiday villas, and campsites available. A central booking office run by the Cap d’Agde Tourist office makes lodging inquiries easy and booking accommodations convenient. An even better alternative is to access the d’Agde website which contains user-friendly accommodation guides for the ideal lodging places.

At Cap d’Agde, you’ll be able to stay in a modern complex and at the same time be acquainted with an old, historic city that has already been in existence for 2600 years. The city of Agde owes its longevity to a strategic location, straddling an area where the waters of Herault River and the Canal du Midi converge with the Mediterranean Sea.

Mount Saint Loup, an extinct volcano, also helped shape Agde as many old structures in the city were constructed from its black volcanic rock.

This you can see in the old city centre which, aside from the architectural curiosity, also hosts artisan shops in its winding streets. It would be ideal for you to visit the city centre on a Thursday as it is the day when a local market opens to sell local wares and crafts.

A charming stroll along the Canal du Midi, in addition, will take tourists to the culinary delights of restaurants and the refreshing ambience of bars. Prospective visitors could pore through the heritage page of the city’s website to learn more about Agde and its historical allure.

A fitting sequel to a tour of Agde would be a visit to the small fishing village of Grau d’Agde which is near the old city and likewise close to the Cap d’Agde resort. The village is ideally located, sitting on the River Haut’s left bank.

Life is much quieter here, but you will find excellent accommodation nonetheless. Here, you’ll find a small resort with its own beach and an inviting quayside which is host to a retinue of restaurants and bars. From the village, during peak season, you can take a ferry to another alluring destination, La Tamarissiere.

La Tamarissiere is a small fishing village where you can find the peace and quiet characteristic of communities which flourish in synch with nature. The village is located between the beach and the river and is surrounded by a pine forest which is already 200 years old.

Wrapped in such natural settings of land and water, tourists can indulge in boating, fishing, sailing and windsurfing, as well as camping for a truly refreshing encounter with cap d’Agde.