Few Romantic Places You Must Visit in St. Petersburg Russia

by Richard Brown

St. Petersburg is not only a major metropolis in Russia, but it is also a popular global tourist destination. It is also a major educational center. If you happen to be here, you should know about the romantic places to visit here.

You can visit the Marjiinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Watching the opera and ballet is very enjoyable. It makes for a romantic time. You will find this place, earlier called Kirov, very romantic. It is a very well maintained tourist place.

The Hermitage is a big place that you can visit. You will find many buildings and parks here. You will be stunned by the art work on staircases, doors and other things at various buildings. You require a lot of time to see whole of this place. It is difficult to see all the buildings and artworks at the Hermitage in a few days.

There are over one thousand rooms in the Hermitage. The Russian czars used to live here. You can also visit the biggest art gallery here. It contains works by renowned artists such as da Vinci and Andrey Cherny.

Another nice experience will be taking the boat ride along the Nevsky Prospekt. A popular place for newly wed couples is the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood at St. Petersburg. There are five domes that tell their own story.

The Isaacs Cathedral is another place that is often visited by tourists. You can see the beautiful carved sculptures outside the church building. The night view of this area is very eye pleasing. This place is frequented by many tourists.

There are many parks in St. Petersburg. Couples can visit various romantic places here. Russian women also love to get flowers on various occasions. So the city of St. Petersburg offers a lot to visitors.